How we can unite Virginia

We’re committed to unrigging the political system in Virginia by putting people over party -- because your elected officials should represent YOU, not their political parties.

Unite Virginia has a simple premise: your elected officials should represent your interests, not the interests of their political parties. 

With the partisan divide in Richmond at an all time high, we're a group of Virginians who are standing up to say enough -- enough of the corruption and scandals; enough of party games and political tricks; enough of the vitriol and division.

We need better in Richmond. We’re ready to stand united and take action to fix our political system.

Unite Virginia believes in a core set of Unity Principles, five simple ideas that guide our movement.

In 2019, we’re focusing our efforts on electing candidates who believe in and will govern by these principles, and work to represent the people who elected them, rather than their party bosses.

We want elected officials who will support legislation that makes the system more representative of the people, passing things like redistricting reform, campaign finance reform, and electoral reforms. But getting these sorts of reforms through can be difficult; the two parties have embedded themselves into the process, and are unwilling to give up their power easily.

The solution: we need candidates who will put people over party, and who understand that working across the aisle isn’t a bad thing.

It’s why we’re supporting candidates like Emmett Hanger and Martha Mugler.

Emmett Hanger is the incumbent senator from Augusta, who has earned a reputation as one of the most effective state legislators in the nation, owing largely to his willingness to work across the aisle to get things done. In addition to being a tireless advocate for his constituents, Senator Hanger also lead the charge on the redistricting reform legislation that passed last session.

Martha Mugler, on the other hand, is a first-time candidate for delegate from Hampton. Martha has spent her career working on behalf of children and young people in her community, and is running to make a difference, rather than make a dollar.

While Martha and Emmett come at a lot of issues from different sides of the aisle, they’re united by their belief that people should come before party.

They’ve pledged to support the critical electoral reforms necessary to making the Commonwealth more representative for all of us.

Together, we’ll take back our government from the special interests.

It starts today.