9 Ways to Support Redistricting Reform in Virginia

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October 14, 2020

On Virginia’s ballot this year is Amendment #1, which creates a new bipartisan redistricting commission, an opportunity that doesn’t come often.

Voters are in the driver's seat, capable of changing the commonwealth’s constitution to fix a broken system by implementing a better one which will be citizen-led, transparent, with new civil rights protections. 

This amendment ends partisan gerrymandering -- a system in which the majority party is empowered to draw their own district lines and choose the voters who will be most convenient come re-election. Amendment #1 takes a stand against gerrymandering and transfers the redistricting process to a 16 member citizen-led bipartisan commission. 

With less than 3 weeks to go until Election Day, here are 9 ways to support redistricting reform in VA to ensure that voters, not politicians come first:

9. Follow the and share the #YesOn1 campaign

You spend a lot of the day on social media already. Support Amendment #1 while you’re at it! Make sure to like content, comment, and share the Yes On 1 campaign’s posts with your followers. The Yes campaign has Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts that could all use your support and engagement. 

Click here or here to share the Yes on 1 campaign with your friends. 

8. Send an email to family, friends, and neighbors with the Washington Post endorsement of Amendment #1 

Social media isn’t for everyone, for the email aficionados in your life, consider sending an email with this link sharing the Washington Post’s endorsement of Amendment #1. The endorsement outlines the logistics and benefits of the amendment and presents a clear case why all Virginians benefit from voting ‘Yes’ on Amendment #1.

Click here to read the Washington Post endorsement.

7. Pledge your vote

Add your voice to the movement who have already said yes: yes to fair maps, yes to people, not parties, and Yes to Amendment 1! By pledging your vote, you’re letting friends and family know that you’re part of the effort to create a better Commonwealth. 


6. If possible, make a donation to the FairMaps effort

Anything you can do to get the word about this campaign is worthwhile, but to really change hearts and minds, the campaign needs to be able to connect with voters. Donations to FairMaps VA help ensure that this amendment passes in November. If you’re feeling passionate about ending partisan gerrymandering consider donating to the referendum campaign. They are the catalyst for ensuring this meaningful reform happens, the better they are financially supported, the more likely we are to have meaningful reform in our Commonwealth. 

Click here to make a donation

5. Write postcards or letters to your neighbors in support of the amendment. 

Sometimes a personal note is the best strategy to win someone over. Take the time to send a note or letter to someone who may not be aware of what exactly Amendment #1 would accomplish in Virginia. A thoughtful letter may be the key to motivate them to head to the polls.

Click Here for a guide to get you started

4. Volunteer to canvass your neighborhood or drop literature. 

As this effort nears Election Day, the need for volunteers to canvas local neighborhoods has never been higher. Commit to spend a few hours reaching your neighborhood and distributing campaign literature that tells them how they can vote Yes on 1. The information you share could be key in getting your community behind this crucial reform. 

Click here to volunteer

3. Write a letter to the editor about your support of Amendment #1. 

Over the course of this effort, the Yes campaign has had numerous leaders speak on the importance of passing Amendment #1, including former Colorado Speaker of the House Terrance Carroll. Citizens from across the commonwealth have shared why they believe Amendment #1 is essential for our political system. Use your own passion and influence to do the same. Write a letter to the editor sharing why you are voting Yes on Amendment #1.

Click here for suggestions to get you started

2. Volunteer to be at a polling location in Support of Amendment #1

With less than 3 weeks remaining until Election Day, the campaign needs volunteers to push this amendment over the finish line. Support Yes on #1 by volunteering to staff a local precinct for a couple of hours during early voting or on Election Day. This is an opportunity to answer questions to make sure people act on their desire for change.

Click here to volunteer

1. Make a plan to vote by November 3rd and Vote Yes on Amendment #1 

Make a plan today to cast your vote by November 3rd. Vote in-person, by mail, or early, but plan nonetheless. Encourage fellow voters to do the same. The future of our commonwealth could be changed forever. Don’t sit on the sidelines, be a part of changing politics for the better. A month of action may result in a lifetime of representative and functional government in Virginia.

Click here to learn more about voting in Virginia

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