All eyes on Virginia for 2020 Election Outcome

Unite Virginia
July 31, 2020

November 4th, 2020: The morning after a historic election, a wave of possibility, and new hope for the Commonwealth’s political future.

Right now, Virginians have the ability to choose what outcomes we wake up to on November 4th. This goes beyond the candidates that appear on our ballots -- but rather a referendum about who exactly will be responsible for drawing our electoral lines for the next decade and beyond.

If we do nothing, legislators continue the unjust practice of drawing their own maps without citizen input -- using a backroom process to choose their preferred constituents over other voters and gerrymandering for partisan gains. This Virginia, where legislators close the doors to transparency, will only continue the cycle of politicians seeking to rig elections to favor themselves, leading to political gridlock.

There is a better way to draw district lines, and the possibility of awakening to a Virginia that has given a long-overdue voice to its citizens, shed light on the map-drawing process, and put fairness above all else. 

We can break the cycle of partisan gerrymandering by supporting Amendment One. Virginians should have a fair process and a citizen-led bipartisan redistricting commission so that each and every vote is equal.

But the decision ultimately lies in the hands of Virginia’s voters. 

Benefits of amendment

First, the commission ends an unfair partisan process and replaces it with a better one that is inclusive of all voters. It will create a fair process that does not benefit one party over the other.

Second, the commission will be led by citizens. It takes power from politicians and gives it to the people. 

Third, the amendment adds specific minority voting protections to the Virginia Constitution for the very first time, going even beyond the existing provisions in the federal Voting Rights Act.

Fourth, the commission will be completely open and transparent. Citizens and watchdogs alike will be able to hold the members accountable through public meetings and data. 

Trusted Endorsements

This amendment is popular across the political spectrum, including over 70% of registered voters in Virginia. Its advantages are nonpartisan and works to the benefit of all voters.

Supported by U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, former Virginia Governor George Allen, former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, and every member of the Senate in Virginia’s Legislative Black Caucus.

Endorsed by organizations such as the League of Women Voters, AARP Virginia, Virginia League of Conservation Voters, Common Cause, Represent Us, ACLU Virginia, and Unite America.

Endorsed by editorial boards at the Danville Register & Bee, the Daily Progress, the Martinsville Bulletin, the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the Roanoke Times, the Virginian-Pilot, Washington Business Journal, The Washington Post, have also expressed their support for this voter's first amendment.

We Need You

Virginia, we need your help. Get involved. Together we can take a positive step in fixing our broken political institutions.

By passing Amendment One to improve the way districts are drawn, we can wake up on November 4th to the Virginia we strive to be -- a Virginia that better represents us all.

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