The Commonwealth Caucus leads the way for Virginia and the Nation

Unite Virginia
November 3, 2020

Facing a contentious election and the prospect of civil unrest, the need for civility and bipartisanship from elected leaders has never been more important.

Our elected officials must be the models of civic engagement that Americans need right now.

Luckily, Virginia’s bipartisan Commonwealth Caucus is leading the way. Members of the Commonwealth Caucus released a statement reaffirming their commitment to bipartisanship and putting the good of the Commonwealth over their partisan allegiances.

“As Members of the bipartisan Commonwealth Caucus, we are committed to putting partisanship aside and protecting our democracy and institutions. Now more than ever, we will need to come together after this contentious election to address this pandemic and the resulting economic and health crises. After the votes are all counted, we ask that all Virginians and all Americans unite in support of our nation by accepting the outcome of the election. We support the right of every Virginian to peacefully protest, but we call on all to reject violence. We as a Caucus plan to work across the aisle regardless of who wins the election and continue to serve as an example for unity and bipartisanship.”  

There are things more important than partisanship; we’re fortunate in Virginia to have leaders who remind us of this.

Check out a video by caucus members about the election: 

Currently, fourteen members of the Virginia General Assembly serve in the Commonwealth Caucus including eight Republicans and six Democrats.

Senator Emmett Hanger, Jr. (R-S24)     Delegate Suhas Subramanyam (D-H87)

Senator Jen Kiggans (R-S7)                     Delegate Dan Helmer (D-H40)

Senator Jill Vogel (R-S27)                         Delegate Robert Bloxom (R-H100)

Senator Adam Ebbin (D-S30)                  Delegate Sam Rasoul (D-H11)

Delegate Glenn Davis (R-H84)                Delegate John Avoli (R-H20)

Delegate Carrie Coyner (R-H62)             Delegate James Edmunds (R-H60)

Delegate Martha Mugler (D-H91)          

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