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Unite Virginia
February 26, 2021

Virginia’s regular session has ended and the special session is wrapping up after a couple of fast paced weeks. Before you know, the legislative portion of the year will be over and election season will have begun! 

 In our second special Virginia-edition of Four Things Friday, we present you with four links to help you catch up on the world of reform in the past month!

  1. Unite Virginia is now on Twitter! 

If this once-a-month email update isn’t enough for you, we have good news: you can now stay up to date with Unite Virginia on Twitter. Give us a follow to get updates on what we are up to, and let us know what you’re up to too! 

Our mission is to continue to connect reformers across the state who are working to put Virginia voters first, so feel free to tag us on anything about electoral reform, good government advocacy — or basically anything that you think is important to the voters first community! We want to know what you are interested in and what political issues you are talking about. 

  1. Virginia’s off-year election season is coming: 

Despite the fact that we probably won’t know the boundaries of the new political districts for a while, election season is still coming. Party nominating contests are only a couple of short months away with a good amount of challenges and competitive races. This November, Virginians will be voting on statewide offices, all 100 seats in the House of Delegates and more.

Our focus will be on Virginia’s legislative races and with VPAP’s handy election tracker, you can dive into the status of all 100 seats; at the time of sending this...a shocking 46 seats remain uncontested! Stay engaged and stay tuned for election updates. 

  1. Census Delays can be an Opportunity to Get Redistricting Right

“In the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic, engaged Virginians have been banding together to create a path forward for those who want our historic commission’s work to produce fair and representative district maps, and now they will have additional time to make sure this decade’s redistricting is done the right way.”

 Learn more about Virginia redistricting here at the OneVirginia2021 Foundation.  

  1. Check out ReUnited States

Political division seemingly permeates every aspect of our lives, as partisanship divides friends and families. A new documentary, The Reunited States, is a powerful and urgent documentary that follows the unsung heroes on the difficult journey of bridging our political and racial divides. Each of these bridge-builders have realized that while our divides run deeper than they ever could have imagined, so does the love and hope to bring our country back together. Based on the book of the same name, the film urges us to consider that everyone has a role to play in reuniting the country. 

We recommend it! Check out the film, it’s website, and some of the tools the filmmakers put together here.

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