In Virginia, "let us act together" to put voters first

Unite Virginia
July 23, 2021

Summertime in the Commonwealth presents an opportunity for reflection, to pause and consider the impact we each are making. As we’ve taken time to reflect, we have realized that Unite Virginia, its partners, and the voters first movement has truly accomplished so much since our work first began.

Since our founding, we’ve remained dedicated to putting voters first — always. We’ve supported meaningful redistricting reform, created opportunities for the advancement of ranked choice voting, championed the expansion of vote-at-home opportunities, and advocated for increased participation in primaries and conventions. 

  1. Let Us Act Together to Put Voters First

New from Unite Virginia, our executive director, Matt Scoble writes about putting voters first in the Commonwealth. Matt calls on Virginians to engage with candidates around bipartisanship, electoral reform, and commitment to voters

Last year’s redistricting ballot referendum is a perfect example of the potential the Commonwealth holds when legislators prioritize the integrity of our democracy. Unite Virginia is proud to be a voice for voters and will remain committed to creating a better Commonwealth.

  1. Opportunity to Engage with Redistricting! 

In the spirit of creating a better Virginia, the Commonwealth’s first ever citizen-led redistricting commission is moving into important phases of implementation. As phase 4 of the process proceeds, the focus is shifting to public outreach. 

In order for this to be effective, we need you to share your voice! Attend a public hearing, email the commission, draw a community of interest map, or join One Virginia 2021’s social media challenge. Don’t miss your chance to impact maps in Virginia! 

  1. Voters First Resources 

Are you an advocate, policymaker, journalist, or voter that has been searching for resources on redistricting, ranked choice voting, vote at home, nonpartisan primaries, or polarization and partisanship? Look no further. 

The Unite America Institute has compiled studies, reports and best practices on each topic from leading organizations and experts, read more here. To access resources for redistricting, vote at home, and ranked choice voting, visit our most recent blog.  Take a look at these resources to learn why we believe these key reforms will lead to a better democracy.

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