Launching Unite Virginia

Unite Virginia
March 27, 2019

With off-year elections and a closely divided legislature, Virginia is the perfect place to focus our 2019 election efforts.

Unite America has officially launched our newest state chapter, Unite Virginia!

With Virginia’s off-year state legislative elections, Virginia will be our focus in 2019 for electing candidates who put people over party, as well as advancing political reforms to unrig the system.

Today, we kicked off our effort by presenting four state legislators –– two Democrats and two Republicans –– with our inaugural Unity Awards for working across the aisle to solve problems.

One of the awardees is State Senator Emmett Hanger (R), who successfully championed a reform to end partisan gerrymandering in the legislature this past session. (The same bill must pass again next session before going to the voters on the next ballot – complicated, we know!)

As NBC12 reported on our effort: “Hanger notably reached across the aisle in 2018 to get Medicaid expansion passed. He’s now being challenged in a primary by Tina Freitas...who cited Hanger’s voting record on things like Medicaid and gun laws as motivation to run.”

You got that right: championing reform and working across the aisle is a sure recipe for any incumbent to be “primaried” by a more partisan candidate in their next election.

That’s why our effort to reward bipartisanship through our Unity Awards and by supporting candidates in primary elections is so critical. The political extremes have hijacked our political process, and it’s time we fight back.

Virginia will be an important first fight. It's time to put country over party, and take back our government.

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