Statement: Commonwealth Caucus on the Redistricting Commission

Unite Virginia
August 3, 2021

The Commonwealth Caucus, a bipartisan coalition of Virginia lawmakers, released the following statement on the redistricting commission in Virginia:

Richmond, VA -Today, the Virginia Commonwealth Caucus published a message to the Virginia Redistricting Commission, encouraging them to continue to act in good faith, with citizen participation as a cornerstone, through a bipartisan and transparent map drawing process. The Commonwealth Caucus is a bipartisan group of 16 state legislators dedicated to working across the aisle to find common ground for the sake of all Virginians and was instrumental in the creation of Virginia’s new citizen-led bipartisan Redistricting Commission.
The Commission is expected to receive data from the census on August 16th, which will kickstart a 45-day redistricting process that will culminate in new maps to be voted upon by the General Assembly. These maps will shape the Commonwealth for the next decade and could drastically alter the political landscape. The Commonwealth Caucus hopes the Commission will recognize transparency and bipartisanship as cornerstones of their process and instill faith in Virginia’s government.
The Commonwealth Caucus reminds Virginians that the Commission is currently hosting public hearings, including one today, to elicit feedback from affected communities across the state and will do so again after it has drawn the maps. They call on every Virginian to witness and engage in this process for the sake of our democracy.


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