Our Mission

Unite Virginia is a movement to bridge the partisan divide and advance common-sense policy solutions by electing reform-minded Republicans, Democrats and independents to the state legislature.

Our Challenge

Amid growing tribalism and polarization, organizations and forces working to divide our country -- not unite it -- are increasing. Partisan primaries and gerrymandered districts reward candidates who appeal to the ideological extremes within their party’s base, only to leave them uncontested or not seriously challenged in general elections.

Virginia ranks at the bottom of healthy state democracies, as politicians are incentivized to put partisan loyalties and special interests ahead of the people they represent. In a 2015 study, Virginia got an F in representation, an F in accessibility, and a D- in influence, ranking 50th out of 51.

Our Opportunity

By electing reform-minded candidates, Virginia has an opportunity to create a bipartisan caucus that can champion the best policy ideas, rather than just the politically convenient ones.

What’s more, Virginians want change; an October 2018 poll conducted by the Unite America Institute found:

  • 61% of Virginians believe Democrats and Republicans are not working together well in the state legislature

  • 75% of Virginians support campaign finance reform including matching public funding for candidates that refuse PAC & corporate contributions

  • 65% of Virginians support a constitutional amendment to create an nonpartisan redistricting commission

Our Work

We work by building a robust support structure to help independent-minded and reform oriented Republicans, Democrats and independents run competitive campaigns by fostering a grassroots movement of thousands of Virginians who care about reducing the polarization in our politics and finding common ground. Specifically, our work includes:

  • Recruiting candidates who are aligned with our Unity Principles, are leaders with personal integrity, who support structural political reforms and commit to join and meet regularly with at least one bipartisan caucus if elected.

  • Build infrastructure to support aligned candidates, including organizing a supporter and volunteer community, identifying campaign talent and operatives, and providing tools & technology to run winning campaigns

  • Raise resources from our grassroots movement through our membership program and from philanthropists committed to bridging the partisan divide in our politics. 

  • Advocate for reform with state-based partners -- including FairVote Virginia and OneVirginia2021 -- specifically focused on common-sense reforms to our political system. 

Our Movement

Unite America is movement of Republicans, Democrats and independents who are committed to bridging the growing partisan divide in order to tackle our largest challenges and leave a better country to future generations.

Movements are born, not made or managed. Fundamentally, movements are comprised of people who fill unique and important roles. The Country Over Party movement is led by 500+ volunteers, 1,000+ members, a strong community of donors, talented campaign operatives, strong partnerships and incredible candidates, both current and former. Unite America merely exists to connect these dots, empower these leaders, and provide a platform for independent-minded and reform-oriented candidates to run competitive campaigns.

While we can support candidates in many ways, access to our movement is the most valuable asset we can offer. Together, we can overcome the psychological, structural and political challenges that aligned candidates face in elections to pave a new, constructive and innovative path forward.

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