We support redistricting reform and the passage of the pending Virginia constitutional amendment supported by OneVirginia2021 with comprehensive enabling legislation

In 2019, the people spoke out against gerrymandering and legislators listened by overwhelmingly passing a bipartisan constitutional amendment that has the possibility to make history by creating a redistricting commission in Virginia. Though it was a monumental effort to get this far, it was only the first step. 

In 2020, the amendment will need to be passed again by the Virginia General Assembly exactly as is in order for it to go to the people for a vote. With 70% of Virginia voters supporting its 2nd passage, it’s a no brainer, right? Not quite. 

Here is a great overview of the current proposal by OneVirginia2021. 

There are still some concerns about the proposed amendment, but those concerns may be addressed by passing additional enabling legislation. If we come together across party lines and add criteria for commission members and selection, mapping criteria, community engagement and transparency, and laws that all courts must follow. Together, we can make history. 

Virginia, let’s finish the fight by supporting the 2nd passage of the redistricting amendment in 2020.