Our Strategy

Our movement is made up of individuals who are tired of the political status quo, and want a government that truly represents we the people. Here’s how you can get involved in the movement to put voters first.

The Problem

Virginians deserve better.

In a 2015 report on the health of state democracies, Virginia came in second to last out of 51 jurisdictions and received an F in ballot access, an F in representation in state government, and a D in limiting political influence.

In 2019, Unite Virginia supported a core group of candidates who were open to electoral reform and in 2020 we will be expanding our efforts by building coalitions and supporting structural reforms.


Unity Candidates

People who put people over party. It’s not about prescribing an ideology; it's about solving problems. We support candidates in both parties' primaries who are pragmatic, pro-reform, and pledge to join a cross-partisan caucus.

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Ranked Choice Voting

We support ranked choice voting (RCV) pilot legislation that makes local elections for cities and counties better, faster and cheaper. RCV is a simple and easy improvement to the way we vote.

Ranked choice voting provides voters the option to rank candidates in order of preference. If a voter only wants to vote for a single candidate, they can still do that. If a candidate does not receive a majority of the votes, an instant runoff process is used and the election is decided as soon as a candidate reaches a majority of votes.

Unite Virginia supports ranked choice voting pilot legislation that provides an opportunity for Virginia localities to implement RCV for local elections.

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Why Ranked Choice Voting

Ranked Choice voting provides a simple and easy improvement for jurisdictions that want to try it, along with a better process that makes elections faster and cheaper for jurisdictions that really want it.


Redistricting Reform

We support redistricting reform and applaud the passage of the pending Virginia constitutional amendment supported by OneVirginia2021 with comprehensive enabling of legislation.

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Virginia's Anti-Gerrymandering Story

In 2019, the people spoke out against gerrymandering and legislators listened by overwhelmingly passing a bipartisan constitutional amendment that has the possibility to make history by creating a redistricting commission in Virginia. Though it was a monumental effort to get this far, it was only the first step.

In 2020, the amendment was passed again by the Virginia General Assembly exactly as is in order for it to go to the people for a vote. With 70% of Virginia voters supporting the initiative, it’s a no brainer, right?

Here is a great overview of the current proposal by OneVirginia2021.

If we come together across party lines and add criteria for commission members and selection, mapping criteria, community engagement and transparency, and laws that all courts must follow. Together, we can make history.

Virginia, let’s finish the fight against partisan gerrymandering.


Vote By Mail

We support legislation making it easier for Virginians to vote by mail in order to improve voter engagement, reduce election-related costs, and strengthen election security.

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Why Vote by Mail

Vote by mail improves the voting process by letting voters decide when, where, and how they want to vote.

We support legislation that gradually makes Virginia a vote by mail state. Starting with no-excuse absentee and allowing voters to become permanent absentee voters if they choose.

Voting by mail benefits everyone including rural voters who may have a long-drive, individuals who may have trouble getting to a polling location, and pretty much everyone who would prefer more convenience while voting. It also has been proven to save money and increase election security and results in jurisdictions where it has already been implemented.

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